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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


higher res

They mention my name and that made my day..anways..

as for the drawing...Hopefully Mr. Lee wont get pissed off at my color job on his sketch. Couldn't resist, too much fun to color. Click for higher res, btw Are we allowed to color his stuff? ...if not i'll take it down( i speak as if someone would reply to these posts, haha) peace

Sunday, March 12, 2006

maybe this last one for the day?

This is For a Another jam (a theme someone chooses for that week so that artist like me have a theme that we can challenge our selves to do that week and you get to see everyone's other's drawing of the same character) Also This the first piece were i acutally spent time to ink my drawing which i didn't find THAT exciteing but it was helpfull when coloring so it was worth it.If you can't see any messages write me a note and i'll do my best to fix.

maybe some more?

You can these pieces at my d.a site which i dont know how to link but they are WAY bigger over there. As for Guy even though i kinda grew up with his bowl cut being asian i'm scared shitless of that horrible disgusting visual so i decided to give a little wind swept hair plus it was a redesign theme. Coloring on this piece was weak but hey i had midterms and i still do and i love makeing excuses :)

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Man i should post more huh...