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Monday, December 12, 2005

Pirates line up!

the line is about 90 percent done...i was really rushed so i am going to go over the piece with a finer tune brush and rethink some of the colors that i left out. I rushed three characters because they were due today but i will fix them evenutally.
-from left to right
-swords man/leader
-gun experts-co leader
-bombs experts

the resolution is so low, is there anywhere i canupload higher resolution.....i'll have to rethink of solution


Blogger nateinabox said...

The best color is still on the mechanic guy. Try some variations on color so each of the characters are more individual. Right now they're all very similar in terms of palate.

The mechanic has the least stiff, most natural feeling pose too.

And for posting with a higher resolution, Blogger will always compress to 72 dpi at screen width (1068 I think), so you might reorient your characters to work. When I made a comic strip I had to do 2 squares wide and 3 tall just to get a readible resolution.

1:46 AM  
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